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How to Sports Betting Sbobet with Different Odds Markets

How to Sports Betting Sbobet with Different Odds Markets

European Odds Market

If you choose to bet on European ODDS, the difference is the exchange rate of the number of opportunities that have more than 1 decimal place in dollars. This will be used to calculate the amount the player will receive if the player bets a winning bet, for example, if the team chooses at odds of 1.96 is considered a European bet. If you bet on 100, the Sbobet player will receive a cash prize of 196. The net profit will be 96, the main cost of playing is 100. That has placed a bet equivalent to 100

Hongkong Odds Market

When a SBOBET player chooses to bet on a Hong Kong Opportunity, the player will receive a Sbobet opportunity that can be calculated equal to European prices after calculating the return of the players. But the number of numbers will be smaller than, for example, the secondary team price paid at the price of 0.96 in Hong Kong. The player places a bet of 100. If you win a bet, the player will receive the money back at a price of 196. If you lose, the player will pay back all the capital betting up to 100.

Malay Odds Market

To place a bet on Sbobet in Malaysian odds, it means playing 0.96 will have the same meaning as in Europe and Hong Kong. But there are differences in terms of negative numbers like -0.96. The player will receive a return multiplied by two bets that have been wagered by the player. And return the amount according to the negative odds determined by the price, but usually the red price box is different to make it easier for players to see negative Malay language examples in the game -0.96. If the player places a bet with a return of 100, the player will receive 200 prizes, but if the player loses, he must pay only 96.

Indo Odds Market

Indo exchange rates will be quoted as a number that has an absolute value greater than 1. Indo Indo Plus value will be interpreted in the same way as Hong Kong odds and negative odds for Indo means the number of units you have to take risk. Win 1 unit

The positive price of Indo 1.96 will mean that for 10 coin bets, the number of possible prizes is 19.60 and the possible loss is 10 coins less than Indo. Opportunity -1.96 means that For bets worth 10, the prize will be 10 and lose to 19.60. Play sbobet at sbobetpress